Water Trough Spares

In addition to our range of round and rectangular water troughs, we also supply the spare parts and added extras you need for the maintenance and upkeep of your precast concrete troughs. Ag-Crete Industries supplies a range of essential parts and accessories, including float covers, plugs, o-rings and tools. We have everything you need to make sure that your water troughs are in perfect running order.

Water Trough Spare Parts and Accessories

We have all the spare parts you need to keep your precast concrete troughs in peak condition, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh water for your livestock.

Replacement Parts and Accessories



Float Cover and Hinge Kit - Low Side

Float Cover and Hinge Kit - Suits 400mm high round troughs. Bolts to trough base. Weight: 50kg. Code: FCRT-LS

Float Cover and Hinge Kt - High Side

Float Cover and Hinge Kit - Suits 600mm high round troughs. Bolts to trough base. Weight: 90kg. Code: FCRT-HS

Float Valve Cover

Float Valve Cover for rectangle troughs. Code: LT-FC

Stainless Steel Hinge Kit

Stainless Steel Hinge Kit for Round Trough Float Cover. Code: FCRT-HINGES

Standard GRP Tough Outlet Plug

Standard GRP Trough Outlet Plug and Silicone O-Ring 4" (Coarse Thread). Code: TR-PLUG

Brass Trough Outlet Plug

Brass Trough Outlet Plug and Washer. Suits high side rectangle troughs. Code: TR-PLUGB80

Trough Plug Opening Tool (steel)

Provides more leverage with minimal strain. Fits over the lugs on brass plugs and the handle on poly plugs. Code: TR-PLUGTOOL


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