Sheep Feed Troughs

Our range of sheep feed Troughs are constructed from heavily reinforced precast concrete, and are so sturdy that they will not buckle, sag or blow away in windy weather conditions. Easily relocatable, they are an excellent long term investment and resaleable asset. Proven to save up to 25% on feed costs, the design of our sheep feed troughs reduces waste, saving time, labour and money. They come with swiftlift lifting anchors, which makes unloading and positioning them on the ground simple.

sheep feed troughs

Our sheep feed troughs are designed at the perfect height for goats and sheep to easily access their feed, and come with a stock-friendly rounded rim.

Sheep Feed Trough Specifications

Part No.

Dimensions (mm)

Weight (kg)



4000L x 685W x 400H


Ideal for sheep and goats.


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