Grain Bunker Walls

Take control of when you sell your harvest and store it on farm, using our grain bunker walls. Made from 40Mpa vibrated concrete, these sturdy walls won’t deteriorate over time and will always be a saleable asset that withstands the elements. The curved top edge is tarp/cover friendly, with an overhung lip that keeps the cover secure and tight. Clamps and steel rails are available.

grain bunker walls

Concrete bunkers will preserve grain quality when constructed correctly. They enable you to sell your own grain, rather than out of a receival point bunker. Our in-house team can work out the ideal size and layout that suits your needs.

Grain tarpaulin covers have fully welded seams which run across the bunker, increasing the strength of the cover and helping to shed water. Woven polypropylene or black plastic film is also available for bunker flooring, to add a further layer of protection.

Bunker Wall Specifications and Accessories



Grain Bunker Wall

Dimensions: 3000L x 550W x 1000H. Weight: 1170kg. Code: BW

Grain Bunker Tarp Rail

Dimensions: 50x50 x 2950L. Weight: 8kg. Code: BW-RHS

Grain Bunker Clamp Set

1 each F-clamp, M12 bolt, washers and oversized wing-nut. Code: BW-CLAMP

Bunker Liner

PE 125UM, 150UM & 200UM. Code: BUNKLINER

Bunker Rail (cover holder)

50x50 Galv RHS x 2.67m long c/w end plugs. Code: BW-RHS


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