Box Culverts (note: range currently on pause)

Box culverts are the ideal quick-bridging solution for pedestrian and stock crossings, under road and track applications. Ag-Crete’s precast concrete box culverts are also suitable for difficult site conditions as installation requires minimal excavation and backfill. The basic box culvert is available as an inverted 'U' on a concrete base foundation (crown type), or as a 'U' shaped trough with a lid (invert type). Link and base slabs are also available for both single and multi cell configurations.

box culverts for civil works

The standard length for box culverts is 2.4m but we can manufacture custom designs like angled ends and headwalls to suit. Our in-house team can also customise culvert designs to cast additional items, such as ferrules, openings and penetrations into place, to increase the efficiency of your project installation.

Box Culvert Specifications

Part No.


Internal Dimensions



Crown + Link Slab

900mm wide x 2440mm long



Crown + Link Slab

1200mm wide x 2440mm long



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